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ULTIMATE HEALTH SERVICES, INC. was founded in June 1996 to provide affordable and reliable home care services for families in need, within the metropolitan Atlanta area. Since then, we have extended our services to over 20 counties within and outside the metropolitan Atlanta area. We serve adults of all ages who need help with all activities of daily living. Caring is what we do and do well. We have cared for hundreds of clients over the last quarter of a century and put smiles on many families’ faces. Our motto is to treat our clients as we would like to be treated.

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More About Us

Our goal is to provide everlasting memories in all the people that welcome us to their homes. Our testimonials show that we have achieved this goal and we will stay the course. Another aspect that sets our company apart from others is our pro-bono services. We have dedicated staff that helps potential clients pre-qualify for the services they need and direct them to enroll in government programs, without any charge. Our word is our bond. Our slogan is “The Care you can trust.”

Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs and those who are dealing with a disability, going through their golden years, or recovering from an illness by providing them with care that’s tailored to their condition. We strive to help them remain independent, comfortable, and safe in their own home instead of anywhere else.