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Our Services

We provide a variety of services for our clients and at different levels of care. Ours is a one-stop solution for the care of your loved ones. Our goal is to help your loved ones recover comfortably, deal with a disability conveniently, or age in place in the privacy and safety of their own home.

nurse with elderly woman in bed

Personal Support Services

Our personal support staff provides services that make all the activities of daily living comfortable for our clients. These include but are not limited to bathing, meal preparation, light housekeeping, grooming, short errands, and other personal hygiene duties for the enhancement of good health.

nurse with elderly woman

Respite Services

This service is meant for families whose primary caretaker needs relief to prevent burnout. It could be for a short vacation, protective oversight, or recreational activity. Our staff makes sure to carry out the activities specified in the patient’s care plan. This way, you can guarantee that your loved one’s needs are met even if the primary caregiver is on leave or has matters to attend to.

elderly man with his personal nurse

Skilled Nursing

We offer skilled nursing services following the provisions of the Georgia Registered Professional Nurse Practice. Our services are set to meet the medical needs of our clients as ordered by their physician and performed by our Registered Nurse. Services are rendered at appropriate settings, usually at clients’ homes but could also be at a daycare center or day treatment facility.

nurse with elderly man doing physical therapy

Physical Therapy

Our therapist helps with specific exercises to address the peculiar nature of the client’s physical problem as directed by the client's physician. We also work with individuals to prevent the loss of mobility before it occurs by developing fitness and wellness-oriented programs for healthier and more active lifestyles.

nurse assisting senior woman

Durable Medical Equipment

We serve our clients in need of medical home equipment that would help them achieve a better quality of living. We always accomplish the supply within the shortest possible time. Such items include but are not limited to iron lungs, oxygen tents, diabetes shoes, nebulizers, CPAP, hospital beds, catheters, wheelchairs, canes, and more.

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Government Programs

Apart from serving our self-paid clients, our company has been participating in many Georgia State government community care programs since 1996. We have an outstanding record with regulatory agencies. Currently, we serve clients in such programs as CCSP, SOURCE, ICWP, NOW, and IDD. We also participate in the Veteran Administration (VA) Community Care Program.